Dog breeding

The name of the kennels Leomegy is derived from the names of two dogs of Rottweiler breed, Leo and Megy. It was registered in 1996 with the purpose of amateur breeding of two breeds, Rottweiler and German shepherd.


I am the founder of kennels. As a great admirer of Rottweiler dogs, nature and animals in general I started my career in dog breeding in 1991, when I bought my first Rottwieler puppy Megy. During my 23-year career my dogs have participated in competitions and exhibitions in different national and international competitions. In addition to this, I am a judge for assessing the physical appearance of Rotweiler dogs. Recently I have directed my knowledge and experience towards training and breeding of working dogs of German shepherd breed. One of my dogs competed in the World championship in 2012.


Already as a young boy I was in a constant contact with dogs. My father was an active competitor for 30 years and he took part in five WUSV World Championships. Since my early childhood my father tried to engage me in working with dogs and in this way he laid the foundation for my further career. I always helped my father with the training of our dogs and as a teenager I started training other dogs as well. I also helped my brother with the training of his dog, which qualified for FCI IPO World Championship. I also provided intensive assistance to my wife when she and her dog were preparing for the IFR World Championship. In spite of the fact that I devoted a lot of my time to the training of everyone who showed interest in working with dogs, I succeeded in taking part in WUSV World Championship.

It is a great challenge for me to work with dogs and their handlers, helping them to the best of my ability to prepare for the most demanding competitions. I always devote myself entirely to my work in my kennel club, where I help promising handlers and their dogs with training, which has often resulted in winning the most prestigious awards.
Apart from dog training and education, I also breed in Leomegy kennels German shepherds , which often take part in different competitions. At the moment I’m dedicating all my spare time to the training of my dog, getting him ready for competitions, and as an instructor I am training dogs for different competitors.

Organising different competitions is another great challenge with my work. At 29 years old I organised the World championship of giant Schnauzers. At the age of 31 I organised 12th FCI IPO World Championship in Nova Gorica. In 2006 I was entrusted with organising 16th FCI IPO World Championship.

I am aware of the fact that only work with dogs and their handlers is not enough for my professional growth. That is why I regularly attend different seminars, read professional literature and articles on the breeding and training of dogs. I also exchange my experience with experienced trainers, handlers, helpers and judges from all over the world. Since 1998 I have regularly taken part in working meetings and education organised by FCI and seminars organised by WUSV. Last December I organised the second education for FCI judges in Nova Gorica.