Hotel for dogs and cats

The hotel for dogs and cats was built and opened in 2006 solely for the needs of living and well-being of animals which are staying in it. It meets all the legal standards required by the Law on the Protection of Animals and the Rules for the Construction of the hotel and shelter.

There are four keepers at the hotel who take care of well-being and health of animals. They have all passed professional examinations and they have a lot of experience and love for animals.

In addition to day and night spaces there are two isolation spaces for sick or injured animals, heated indoor areas for dogs and cats and external areas where dogs can spend their days in company with other dogs when the weather is favourable.

The animals are fed on super Premium quality food, sick animals are fed diet food, and a vet is available 24 hours a day. We also offer the transport from your home to the hotel or to the veterinary, and, at your request, we can deliver dog food to your home.

If you wish, we can also give a bath to your dog while it is staying at the hotel.